I phoned somebody . Who did you phone?

1) He bought something. What _______________________________________?

2) I saw somebody. Who _________you _______________________________?

3) They read something. What _______________________________________?

4.) He lived somewhere in America. Where _____________________________?

5) They went somewhere last year. Where ___________________________ to?


1 4. Составьте предложения с I think ... Время Future Simple.

(My sister/pass the exam) I think my sister will pass the exam.

1) (our team/win the game) I think _________________________________________________.

2) (they/come back tomorrow) ____________________________________________________.

3) (he/a Champion) _____________________________________________________________.

4) (they/play tennis at the weekend) ________________________________________________.

5) (she/help) ___________________________________________________________________.


15. Составьте предложения . Используйте I think I' ll... или I don't think I' ll.

(buy/a crocodile) I don't think I'll buy a crocodile.

1) (I/be a Champion) _____________________________________________________________.

2) (I/take part in competitions) _____________________________________________________.

3) (I/pass the English exam) _______________________________________________________.

4) (I/get 'a five' for the English exam) ________________________________________________.

5) (I/live in England) _____________________________________________________________.


1 6. Предложит e свою помощь. Используйте Shall I ...?

'I'm tired.' "(help you?)' 'I'm tired.' 'Shall I help you?'

1) I'm hot.' '(open the window?) _________________________________________________.

2)  I'm cold.' '(close the window?) _______________________________________________.

3) 'It's dark in the classroom' '(turn the light on?)' ___________________________________.

4)  I'm late' '(give you a lift?)' ___________________________________________________.

5)  'I'm hungry.' '(give you a sandwich?) __________________________________________.

6) 'I'm thirsty.' '(buy some juice?)' _______________________________________________.

7)  'I'm bored.' '(tell you a funny story) ____________________________________________.


Заполните пропуски в предложениях. Используйте прилагательные в сравнительной степени.

This book isn't very interesting for me. Give me more interesting one.

1)This wrestler isn't very strong. Our wrestlers are _________________________________.

2) This distance isn't very long. That one is _______________________________________.

3) This magazine isn't interesting at all. That magazine is ____________________________.

4) Our car isn't fast. His car is __________________________________________________.

5) These photographs aren't very nice. Those ones are ______________________________.

6) His idea wasn't very good. Her idea was ________________________________________.

Скажите . Используйте прилагательные в превосходной степени .

It's a very interesting film. It's the most interesting film for me.

1) He is a very popular wrestler. He is the ____________________ in the world.

2) It's a really beautiful building. It's the ____________________ in the town.

3) It was a really bad day. It was the ____________________ day in my life.

4) It was a very bad injury. It was the ____________________ injury of the season.


Выберите нужную форму из слов, стоящих в скобках.

1) I did not rest very (good, well) last night.

2) It is not (good, well) for you to miss classes.

3) He was (angry, angrily) yesterday.

4) He spoke (angry, angrily).

5) It isn't (bad, badly).

20. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в соответствующей форме.                                                                      I (read) for the exam. I'm reading for the exam.

1) 'Where is Tom? 'In the hall. He (wait) for somebody.  


2) They (have) a training session now.


3) 'You (sit) on my place'. 'Oh, I'm sorry.'


4) We (have) English classes now.           


5) 'Where is Jane?' 'In the kitchen. She (make) coffee.



21. Задайте вопросы . Используйте What / Where / Why и т . п .

He is making something. What is he making?

1) They are running. Where __________________________________________________?

2) He is reading. What ______________________________________________________?

3) He is eating. What _______________________________________________________?

4) She is waiting for somebody. Who _______________________________________ for?

5) He is carrying something. What _____________________________________________?


22. Спросите . Используйте was / were + - ing.                                                                                            (you/play football at 11 o'clock) Were you playing football at 11 o'clock?

1) (what/you/watch/at 11 o'clock?) What _____________________________________________?

2) (what/she/do/at 5o'clock?) ______________________________________________________?

3What/you/speak about what I came in?) ____________________________________________?

4) (what language/you/study?) ____________________________________________________?

5) (who/stand/near the window?) __________________________________________________? 

6) (you/have a break?) __________________________________________________________?

7) (you/sleep?) ________________________________________________________________?

8) (it/rain?) ___________________________________________________________________?


Составьте предложения . Используйте Past Continuous или Past Simple.

(Jane /sleep)             Jane was sleeping.

(the phone / ring )   The phone rang.

(she/wake up)          She woke up.

1) (the boys/run/about the park) (one of them/fell) (The other boys/stop/ immediately)



2) (Jane/sit/at the desk) (she/read/a book) (her brother/come into the room)



3) (Jack/have supper) (he/watch TV) (a cat/come to the table)




4) (Nick/play/basketball on the beach) (the sun/shine) (he/take/the sun glasses).





Раскройте скобки. Составьте предложения. Употребите глаголы в соответствующей форме будущего времени.

Sorry, but I can't (come) to your party tomorrow. I (train).

Sorry, but I can't come to your party tomorrow. I will be training.

1) I (phone) you tomorrow. I (help) my parents.



2) I (do) skiing the whole winter and I think I (win) after that.



3) I (not/play) tennis at 5 o'clock tomorrow. You can (take) my racket.




4) I (walk) in the park from 10 to 12 tomorrow. You can (find) me there.



5) The students in your group (have) an examination from 1:20 to 2:40 tomorrow.



6) The team of rhythmic gymnastics (give) a very interesting performance from 5 till 6. You should (see) it!




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