Exercise 1 Choose the verb which completes all the expressions in each box
go    have take get play



1 ________ ready


               on with someone


             a meal

             a good time

2 _______ a rest

             a row /an argument

             a party


             out with someone

             swimming /bowling

3 _______ to the cinema


              for walk



             the guitar / the piano

              board games

4 _______ cards

             computer games



            the dog for a walk

            a shower

5 ______ turns (to do something)

           the children to school

            a rest / a nap

Grammar: Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

Exercise 1 Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect simple.

Dear Rupert,

How are you? I am sorry I ____ (not/write) to you for such a long time. I hope you are well.

Lots of things ____ (happen) since I last wrote to you. My dad lost his job but he ____ (already / find) a new one. My mum ____ (leave) her job to start her own business. This is very good news, of course, but it ____ (not/be) easy.

You remember my cousin Martin and his girlfriend Johanna? Well, they ____ (decide) to get married.

As for me, I ____ (not/study) much since my finals because I ____ (be) busy with the football team. I ____.(not/miss) a football practice all term. We ____ (just/play) the most important game of the year and – guess what? We won!

Well, that’s all for now. Write back soon. Best wishes, Mike.

Exercise 2 Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous.

1 ____ (you know) him long?

 Yes, we ____ (go) out together for two years.

2. How long ____ (you read) that book?

 Oh, I ____ (have) it for about ten years.

3 ____ (you be) here for a long time?

 Yes, we ____ (wait) since two o’clock.

4 ____(she work) in the same office all her life?

 No, she ____ (have) this job since she got married.

5. Why ____ (you study) German?

 Because I ____ (always want) to learn it.



Introducing yourself

Write a short text about yourself and your family.


Answer the questions.

What is your name?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

When/Where were you born?

Are you married?

Tell me about your family.

How many people are there in your family?

Have you got any pets?

What do you look like?

How tall are you?

What colour are your eyes?

What are you like?

How are you?

When/Where did you go to school?

Who is your favourite singer?

What is your favourite film?


Complete your fact file.

                    FACT FILE
Full name  
Hair colour  
Favourite bands  
Favourite clothes  
Favourite films  
Favourite foods  

Understanding a questionnaire

Read the information in questionnaire and complete the description of Jenny Chan.

FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Jenny Chan Age: 16 Nationality: Malaysian Address: 18 Jalan Nyamuk, Seremban, Malaysia STUDY What are your favourite subjects at school? History, Music, English What languages do you speak? English, Malay, Chinese Why are you learning English? I want to travel, and English is very useful FAMILY How many people are there in your family? Five How many brothers or sisters do you have? One brother What does he/she do? He’s studying drama at university How old is he/she? 19 LIFESTYLE What do you like to do in your free time? I go out with my friends and watch TV What is your favourite programme on TV? Friends Do you like travelling? Yes How often do you travel? I go on holiday with my family twice a year Do you like sport? Yes What sport do you play? I play football How often do you play sport? About twice a week Do you have any ambitions? Yes, I’d like to go to drama school and become an actress



Jenny Chan Jenny Chan is 16 and she comes from ____. She lives in Seremban. Her favourite subjects are English, History and Music. She can speak three _____ - English, Malay and Chinese. There are five people in her family. She’s got one brother, aged 19, who is studying ____ at university. In her free time, she loves ____ and watching TV. Her favourite programme is ‘Friends’. She plays football ____. In her future she would like to go to drama school and wants to be an ____.  




1. My sister often ____ (send) text messages to her friends.

a) is sending b) sends c) send

2. At the moment, I ____ (learn) to use a new computer program.

a) am learning b) learn c) learns

3. Where ____ you going when I met you last night?

a) did b) are c) were

4. When we came into the hall they _____ this problem.

a) discussed    b) were discussing c) have discussed

5. By the time we arrived at the station, the train ______.

a) left   b) had left c) has left

6. My sister phoned yesterday and she told me that she ______ a house.

a) had bought  b) buys  c) has bought

7. Jane is _____ than Kate.

a) taller   b) tall    c) the tallest

8. This is _____ restaurant in Barcelona.

a) more expensive b) the most expensive c) the expensive

9. I _________ this singer for ten years.

a) have liked b) have been liking c) likes

10. He _______ for two hours.

a) have waited b) has been waiting c) been waiting


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