Заочного отделения 4 семестр 2-ой курс

2-ой вариант

1. Use the article wherever necessary:

1. Today is ... only day that I’m free.

2. There are lots of mice here, but where' s ... cat?

3. She has got ... dark hair and blue eyes.

4. … house where we live is very small.

5. My friend' s family lives in … private house in ... Vitebsk.

6. For ... week-end we sometimes go to ... village where my mother has … house.


2. Put the following sentences in the plural. Pay attention to the changes of the verbs and to the changes of the demonstratives pronouns:

1. This money doesn’t make you happy.

2. When does this student play tennis?

3. What kind of texts does this girl type?

4. Does this manger have dinner at home or at work?

5. This pupil doesn't get up at 6 o' clock, does he?


3. Use the verbs in the Past Simple Tense:

1. In 2001 Mike (to apply) for a job as, a sales representative. 2. From 1996 to 1997 Tim (to work) as a custom officer. 3. The secretary (to type) a letter two days ago. 4. They (to sell) a lot of machinery in Finland last year. 5. I (to see) her in the office ten minutes ago. 6. It (to take) me three hours to translate the text last Sunday. 7. Last Saturday we (to go) to the restaurant and (not to have) dinner at home.


4. Ask questions for these answers according to the model:

Model: She found the key in its usual place (Where?) – Where did she find the key?


1. Last month she had a few English classes in the afternoon (How many?).

2. Last year they knew English not so well (When?).

3. Last week she put her money in the bank (Where?).

4. Last Sunday we saw a new film (What film?).

5. They were very kind to her (Who?).

6. He needed only a few dollars (How many?).

7. My friend understood that being a model wasn’t all wine and roses (Who?).


5. Use the Past Simple or Present Perfect:

1. Look! There is an ambulance over there. There (to be) an accident. 12. Shakespeare (to write) many plays. 2. My friend is a writer. He (to write) many books. 3. I (to learn) French at school, but I (to forget) most of it. 4. I (not to read) a newspaper yesterday. 5. I (not to read) a newspaper today. 6. They (to leave) England when he (to be) still a child. 7. I (not to see) him since he (to leave) for London. 8. We (to travel) around Europe last year. 9. The rain (to stop). Let' s go for a walk.


6. a) Use the verbs in the past simple:

Alice (to have) a serious conversation with Mr. Black last night. She (to tell) him that she no longer (to love) him. She (to break) off their engagement. Mr. Black was (to shock). He (to ask) for explanation. Alice (to say) that she (to be) not able to give him a full explanation. She (to say) it (to be) too early. She (to declare) that she (to want) to remain him his best friend, but she (can) not marry him. Mr. Black (to be) sad but not desperate. At the bottom of his heart he even (to feel) a certain kind of unconscious relief. He always (to know), though he never (to admit) it that Alice (to be) too intellectual and too energetic for him. He (to behave) like a real gentleman, he (to bite) his upper lip, (to grow) pale, but (to smile) and (to say) something about the weather.



b) Answer the following questions:


1. When did Alice have a serious conversation with Mr. Black?

2. What did Alice tell Mr. Black?

3. What was Mr. Black’s reaction?

4. What kind of explanation did Alice give Mr. Black?

5. On what terms did Alice want to remain with Mr. Black?

6. Why did Mr. Black feel a certain kind of unconscious relief?

7. How did Mr. Black behave?


7. Complete the sentences with the propositions at, in, on, from ... to:

1. I’m going to Jamaica ... Sunday. 2. I’ve got an important meeting ... Thursday afternoon. 3. The bank is closed ... Christmas Day. 4. We have lots of parties ... Christmas. 5. The film starts ... 8 o' clock. So I will pick you up ... 7.30. 6. I’m busy ... the moment. I’ll call you back ... a couple of minutes. 7. I was born ... 29th March. 8. I met her... 1992. 9. Her birthday is ... July. 10. He came here ... Monday and he’ll go back ... a couple of weeks. 11. I don't like to go out ... night. 12. The shops close ... 6.30. 13. Are you free ... the weekend? 14. He plays golf... Tuesday. 15. I’m in a hurry. Do it ... once! 16. He wants to be a film star but he’s working in a hotel ... present.


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