IX. Употребите глаголы , данные в скобках , в Present, Past или Future Indefinite (Simple) Tenses. Предложения переведите
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1. Ann (not to speak) French. 2. Charles Darwin (to be) a world-famous scientist. 3. We (to see) a hedgehog last summer. 4. How often she (to go) to the Hermitage?


X . Прочитайте текст. Письменно переведите на русский язык:

– абзацы 4-5


Higher Education in Great Britain


1. There are some 90 universities and 70 other higher education institutions in Great Britain: polytechnics and numerous colleges for more specialized needs, such as colleges of technology, technical colleges, colleges of arts and agricultural colleges in England and Wales.

2. They all provide a wide range of courses from lower-level technical and commercial courses through specialized courses of various kinds to advanced courses for those who want to get higher-level posts in commerce, industry and administration, or take up one of a variety of professions.

3. Courses are a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory work. In a lecture the student is one of a large number of students. He listens to the lecturers, takes notes, but asks no questions. In a seminar he raises problems and discusses them with his fellow students under the direction of one of the teachers. In a tutorial he is accompanied by only a handful of students and discusses his personal academic problems with a teacher.

4. Study in courses may be full-time and part-time. Full-time education includes sandwich courses in which periods of full-time study (for example, six months) alternate with full-time practical work and training in industry. Full-time and sandwich courses now are an important part of higher education in England and Wales.

5. A degree is an academic qualification awarded at most universities and colleges upon completion of a higher educational course (a first degree) or a piece of research (higher degrees). If students pass their final exam at the end of a three-year course, they get their first degree. Students with a first degree become Bachelors of Arts or Science, and can put B.A. or B.Sc. after their names. If they want to go a step further and become Master of Arts of Science, they have to write an original paper, or thesis, on some subject based on a short period of research, usually soon after graduation. If students wish to become academics and perhaps teach in a university, then they will work for a higher degree, a Doctor of Philosophy – a Ph.D. For this they will have to carry out some important research work.


Вариант 5


Для того чтобы выполнить контрольные задания, необходимо усвоить следующие разделы курса английского языка:

1. Имя существительное. Множественное число. Артикли и предлоги, как показатели имени существительного. Выражение падежных отношений в английском языке с помощью предлогов и окончания – s.

2. Имя прилагательное. Степени сравнения имен прилагательных. Конструкция типа the more … the less.

3. Наречие. Степени сравнения наречий.

4. Местоимения: личные, притяжательные, вопросительные, указательные, неопределенно-личные и отрицательные.

5. Местоимения much, many, little, a little, few, a few.

6. Простое повествовательное предложение: прямой порядок слов повествовательного и побудительного предложения в утвердительной и отрицательной формах; обратный порядок слов вопросительного предложения. Оборот there is ( are ).

7. Формы настоящего (Present), прошедшего (Past) и будущего (Future) времени группы Indefinite (Simple) действительного залога изъявительного наклонения.

8. Повелительное наклонение.



I. Вставьте в пропуски глагол to be в Present, Past, Future Indefinite (Simple).

1. She … at work now, but she … ill last week. 2. How old … you? - I … 16 years old. 3. Yesterday the children … at the theatre. The play … nice. 4. Where … you yesterday? – We … at the cinema. 5. They … at home now, because the weather … bad.


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