II. Business Letter Vocabulary Quiz
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1) Before you seal and send your letter, make sure to …. it.

    a) punctuation     b) proofread   c) sensitive  d) transition

2) As soon as your certified letter reaches the ….. you will be notified.

    a) recipient           b) margin       c) logo         d) salutation

3) Choose ….. if you want to put the date and closing in the center of the page.

    a) justified b) modified block format c) block format        d) spelling

4) Set off the list of "Do's and Don'ts" by using ….

    a) body           b) letterhead     c) bullets      d) formal

5) The envelope indicated that there was ….. , but in fact there was only a letter inside.

    a) an enclosure        b) a sender   c) a salutation  d) an indent

 6) The ….. of the first paragraph was optimistic, so I wasn't expecting the bad news in the middle.

   a) tone        b) active voice   c) direct mail  d) punctuation

7) I decided not to interview her, because her cover letter contained very poor ….. .

   a) notation      b) block format     c) single spacing  d) grammar

8) The ….. about the meeting was posted on the bulletin board for everyone to read.

   a) memo   b) heading     c) sender  d) junk mail

9) Our address and phone number are shown on our ….. .

   a) letterhead b) snail mail  c) postage d) salutation

10) In block text format, you do not …… each paragraph.

   a) indent b) transit  c) punctuation d) margin


Step 1 “Enquiry”

I. What do you think an inquiry is? Choose the items, which in your opinion could be the purposes of writing an inquiry:

· to get detailed information about the goods      

· to find out the availability of goods      

· to define delivery dates      

· to get information about terms and discounts, method of transportation and insurance   

· to ask for information about prices of goods      

· to ask for catalogues and samples of goods


II. Read the letter.

Date Name/Title Business/Organization Address City, Zip Code   Dear Name:   When we attended the International Electronics Trade Fair in London last month, we visited your stand and saw a very interesting demonstration of your automatic high-security garage doors. The ability to drive straight in and out of your garage from the comfort of your car, as well as your em­phasis on theft protection, appealed to us. We believe that there is a ready market for this in the United States.   Our company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international Zetax Corporation, well-known in the security and theft prevention industry.   Would you please send us your current sales literature and price list? Of course, we will be glad to provide the usual credit and trade references if we decide to order from your company.   We look forward to your reply.   Sincerely yours, Signature Name  

Put the parts of an inquiry-letter in the order to get its correct structure:

- the essence of the question

- short information about your company

- reference to the source of information about this company and its goods

- expressing hope for the future co-operation

1) ___________________________________

2) ___________________________________

3) ___________________________________

4) ___________________________________

III. Read the useful phrases for an inquiry-letter, translate them and think what part of a letter they could be used in:

  • If your prices are competitive (the samples meet the standards, your equipment complies with our requirements, etc.) we may be able to let you have regular orders.
  • We look forward to your early reply.
  • Your prompt answer would be appreciated.
  • We read your advertisement in …
  • With regard to your advertisement in … of …, we would ask you …
  • We have heard of your products from …

· We have seen your current catalogue showing …

  • We are interested in buying (importing, etc.) …
  • Please inform us (let us know) as soon as possible …
  • Would you please inform us if it is possible to deliver …
  • Please let us know what quantities you are able to deliver till …
  • We would ask you to let us have a quotation for …
  • Would you kindly quote your prices and terms of delivery (terms of payment, etc.) for
  • We would like to have further details about …
  • We would like to represent your products in our market...
  • Please send us samples of … (your catalogues, leaflets, etc.)                  
  • As distributors we have a large network of …
  • In connection with this …
  • We are distributors (importers, retailers, etc.) of …
  • We would like to get in touch with manufacturers (suppliers, sellers, etc.) of …
  • There is a large market here for your products.
  • For over … years our company has imported from western countries …
  • Our company was founded in …
  • We usually effect payment by letter of credit (cheque, bank transfer, etc.)

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